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We offer customized commercial and residential moving services. This means
that we plan each relocation process to meet up with the needs of a specific
customer. We pay attention to all your demands and requests and work around
them to make the process of relocation fit your schedule and requirements
adequately. With so doing, we are cautious not to negotiate the quality of our
service or your ultimate satisfaction.


Seeking for local movers to shift your stuff at a new place? The Local And Long Distance Moving Company leaves no stone unturned to make you believe that we are the best choice for you. Our experts are wholly trained to overcome any situation, so lye back and relax! The Local And Long Distance Moving Company will take good care of your stuff. Furthermore, our staffs are fully equipped so that they do not bother you with anything

House Shifting

Moving to a new house? Congrats, hopefully, you are stepping towards a better place. We are confident about that fact that our company is the best choice you can make in this regard. Bagging years of experience in this department we are pro at safe handling of your valuables. What’s more, we are thoroughly licensed so that you do not get any second thoughts in mind.

Office Shifting

Slipping to a new office or opening a new branch, don’t worry we’ve got your back! Regardless of the fact that you are a big organization or a small entrepreneur, we cater to all sorts of clients, making sure safe carriage of your office furniture and valuable work-related papers. In addition, we offer flexible timings to avoid any hurdle in your work hours.

Deliver service

At this time paid for appealing furniture, big piano or anything special, simply ping us, and we will deliver it at your doorstep safe and sound

Expedited long-distance shifting services

Feel free to move to anyplace in the country, the Local And Long Distance Moving Company will transport your goods at the exact time you want them to be delivered. Without keeping you waiting for your essentials we can even deliver it before you get there.
Keeping all the safety measures in mind, our team gives you regular updates of the truck holding your valuable goods and chattels, using the GPRS services. While the highlight feature is personalization, shifting one client in a single truck in a go, you do not need to share space with anyone. Our expedited services make certain the dissolute long-distance transportation services, loading your stuff in the truck, and delivering it to the desired address by a snap, without keeping you wait.


Our years of experience and a list of pleased clients are self-explanatory proof of the safety of your goods. No matter if it is office or home storage, we make sure that your bits and pieces are guarded like ours. All that jazz the climatic conditions are, our company assure safe transportation of your stuff. Feel free to store your bits and bobs for a week; month or more, the Local And Long Distance Moving company will defiantly live up to your expectations.


We all want to escape the tiring weeks of packing to shift to a new place. It’s certainly a heck of a job if you are a working woman that the scenario is tough for you. Our team is all set to help you in this stage as well, it is solely your choice either you allow us or not, we’ve got your back. Partially packing stuff to wrapping up the entire house, our experts can manage in all proficiently. Using the years of experience, packing stuff is a piece of cake for our prepared experts. Since packing and shifting is not everyone’s cup of tea; thus Local And Long Distance Moving Company packs all the goods in accordance with their requirement. Starting from glassware to expensive clothes, your essence is in safe hands. The story makes no end here if you wish to pack on your own we respect that as well. Allow us to stock them up and move them safely for you.

Long-Distance Moving

Shifting to a new country or another city in the United States of America? Take a chill pill and allow us to handle the stress of secure conveyance of your belonging to the new address. Besides local moving, we have managed to excel in the department of long distance moving through the impeccable services of the company.

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Transporting Boxes

Since our company accommodates all sorts of clients; thus, we offer diverse sizes of boxes to our treasured clients in accordance with the size of stuff they own. Listing down is the sizes of boxes best appropriate for altered sizes of belongings.
  • Small boxes best suiting the small bits and pieces such as books, cans, jars, footwear, music collection, utensils and a lot more.
  • Middle size boxes fit well to all considerably small sized home utilisations and other essentials. It is also known as lampshade box.
  • Lastly, we have extra-large boxes perfectly fitting your bigger stuff; however, it is important to notify that stuffing heavy objects will make it tougher to carry leading to greater chances of damage.
  • The Local And Long Distance Moving Company also provide wardrobe boxes for safe shifting of your expensive clothes.
  • The Dish barrel also known as dish box is highly recommended for your expensive crockery and other breakable objects.
  • Boxes with blankets and cushion cover to make certain that your mirrors and glassware are completely secure.

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