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We help make your move as easy and stress-free for you! We specialize in local moves, long-distance moving, packing & unloading services. Our team is fully licensed & insured to provide quality workmanship at an affordable price point with customer satisfaction guaranteed every time - contact us today about how much it would cost or what type of service might best suit the situation.

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Our movers are highly qualified, so your move will go off without any hitches or problems! With affordable prices in South Florida, our company does make it possible to move stress-free with delivering on time.

Trusted Moving Services in South Florida

Have you been looking for a local moving company in South Florida? If so, look no further than Local N Long Distance Movers. We have served this area’s residents and commercial clients since we first started our business!

Our team is based out here, which means that they know all about how things work down south and understand what makes an excellent customer experience from start to finish – something every single person deserves while making such significant changes like moving.

When relocating to South Florida from another state, the company handling your move must have local knowledge and experience. The right interstate movers will make sure everything is ready before they even start loading boxes or packing up furniture – this includes finding an efficient way of transportation for all those bulky items.

An excellent moving service should be prepared not just physically but also mentally so clients can rely on them during their cross-state trekking through different counties while still taking care of their needs.

Every year, thousands of people move from one place to another. The process is not an easy task and requires a lot of planning for you to make things go as smoothly as possible while also ensuring safety during transport, but this can be achieved with help from our skilled movers who are committed to customer service above all else!

We offer unparalleled care & commitment no matter what type of residential or commercial relocation needs, from small apartments to large buildings.

Benefits of Using Local and Long Distance Movers

Here is why you should choose us.

Local Moving

Whatever region of South Florida you are moving to, we can handle your relocation with care and dedication. We’re the best in-state movers, used to take all kinds of people that live there!

We know how important a smooth move is for those who want their homes/businesses respected and for themselves to feel safe during such a stressful situation, so don’t hesitate any longer – contact us now.


We’ve helped people moving across the state or even the country, and we can do the same for you. We’ll help get an estimate of your move cost so there will be no surprises at unpacking time!

The stress-free process doesn’t stop once one moves into a new home. Our professional team is equipped to take care of any issues along these lines and guarantee protection against all types of damage during transport.

Business Relocation

Your business is essential, and you want it to continue moving forward. We at Local N Long Distance Movers also specialize in relocation services for companies across the country! We provide an excellent level of service that will have your project completed quickly with little fuss from start to finish – all while being trustworthy experts who know what they’re doing down here on South Florida soil.


We’ll store your items in a secure facility until they are ready for their new home. We will finish moving them when you’re ready.

If not yet sold or moved into place yourself, then Local N Long Distance Movers can help provide short term storage solutions while waiting for either way – ask us about our rates today!

Ready to Move?

The Local N Long Distance Movers team is here to help you make your move as stress-free and easy for yourself. We customize each plan by going over the specific details of where things will be stored, how long it’ll take us there, and what type of vehicle or trucking service best suits your needs!

The team of professional movers will arrive on Moving Day with all the equipment and tools to give you a stress-free experience. Our dedicated staff is trained in handling significant moves, so we’ll take care not just of your belongings but also how best to move them efficiently for greater productivity!

Look no further than Local N Long Distance Movers when you’re looking for a company to move your home and family. We’ve been helping families across South Florida accomplish this feat since we started our business

Our professional teams will get anywhere safely without damaging anything during the process. You can rest assured knowing that all of your belongings are carefully packed into boxes specifically suited given each item’s size, then stored securely until the delivery day arrives.

Call us if you wish to know more about our services in North Florida or need a free moving quote. Our number is 888-233-4853.
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“Our moving company can also help you get started on your move by giving you the supplies you’ll need to pack your belongings yourself, which is a feature not all moving firms provide.”
Long Distance Moving

Local Move from Miami to Fort Lauderdale

Very happy with this moving company!! From the quote, to the confirmation call, to the on time arrival, to the cash discount (save a few bucks paying in cash vs credit card) to the fast in and out moving of my 1 bedroom apartment, reassembly of my bed, to the call after my move to make sure everything went well, I am very impressed. They are a well oiled machine, and when the time comes to move again I will contact them. Thanks Jon, Roman and team for making my move effortless and helping to relieve moving stress in general, great team!!!!

Felicia R.
Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Move from San Francisco to Los Angeles

5 stars!!! These guys arrived on time, were courteous and super fast. All of my belongings were in perfect condition and I highly recommend. Will definitely use again. Thanks

K S.
Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Move from San Francisco to Miami

Miami is a hive of thriving businesses. You’ve worked really hard on your business and feel it’s finally time to relocate to a bigger and better premises

P S.

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