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Professional Southern California Movers

For years, Local N Long Distance Movers have provided the best possible moving service in Southern California. We offer packing services, loading/unloading assistance on wheels or by hand, and complete transportation of your belongings throughout Los Angeles County.

We know that when you’re ready to move, every detail counts. Our team has years of experience in the industry and will be with you throughout this whole process from the start-to-finish – making sure nothing falls through the cracks! We offer affordable rates for all sizes of moves.

Trusted Moving Services in Southern California

When looking for a local moving company in South California, it’s essential to find one with experience and trust. That is why we at Local N Long Distance Movers always go above and beyond when servicing our customers, both residential and commercial clients!

We proudly serve all areas of Los Angeles County, including Beverly Hills, Century City & West Hollywood, and other cities such as Orange County. With us on your side – no matter what size job comes up next – there will be nothing but peace of mind knowing that quality service awaits ahead.

When moving from one state to another, the process must go smoothly. A licensed and competent South California mover will help with your relocation, so all of what needs packing or transporting gets done correctly while being fair in the pricing for both customer service and efficiency- we want their clients’ satisfaction guaranteed!

Our years of expertise and commitment to excellence have made us one of California’s most trusted companies nationwide! We can take care of any job, no matter how big it gets. We’re ready for anything at all times with dedicated professionals on staff who are eager to help make your relocation go smoothly and quickly.

We use state-of-the-art equipment, so nothing is holding back traffic flow during this process.

Benefits of Using Local and Long Distance Movers

Here is why you should choose us.

Local Moving

We can’t wait to help you make your move from one place in Southern California a smooth and stress-free experience! You’ll be amazed at how much our professional team does for each customer.

Our company has been providing quality intrastate moving services for years, so we know what it takes when people look into relocating within the state.


It is not just a physical task that requires focus and attention when you move. There are many factors to consider, like where your new home will be located and, how long a trip there would involve; what modes of transportation are available for this type.

These considerations can seem daunting, but our professional team has been trained in handling all aspects related to interstate moves, so they’ll make sure everything goes smoothly!

We have years of experience in the long-distance moving industry. We know how to make your interstate move as easy and stress-free for you!

Business Relocation

The process of moving a business can be stressful for any company. It’s hard enough to organize an internal move within your city, but when dealing with South California? We can handle some unique challenges that only an expert mover like ourselves is capable of solving.


We care about your stuff, and we want to make sure you don’t face any problems with the move. So when it comes downtime for us to take over from there on our end of this process – storage is what will happen!

Whether it’s temporary or not-just let Local N Long Distance Movers know how much space needs loading up in order where everything can be stored securely until such a point as the new home becomes ready.

Ready to Move?

As a professional mover in South California, we know the tricks of our trade when it comes to getting you from point A-B with all your belongings intact.

Our reviews prove that people find us excellent at what they do and can recommend us as movers because we will always be ready to go no matter how much stuff moves into another home.

Let Local N Long Distance Movers take care of all your moving needs. We will pack, load and transport anything you need moving in a professional manner that is both cost-effective for our customers and thoughtful towards their comfort level during this time!

If you wish to learn more about our services in California, you can call us via 888-233-4853.

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Our California address is W Sunset blvd. #930 Los Angeles CA 90046

“Our moving company can also help you get started on your move by giving you the supplies you’ll need to pack your belongings yourself, which is a feature not all moving firms provide.”
Long Distance Moving

Local Move from Miami to Fort Lauderdale

Very happy with this moving company!! From the quote, to the confirmation call, to the on time arrival, to the cash discount (save a few bucks paying in cash vs credit card) to the fast in and out moving of my 1 bedroom apartment, reassembly of my bed, to the call after my move to make sure everything went well, I am very impressed. They are a well oiled machine, and when the time comes to move again I will contact them. Thanks Jon, Roman and team for making my move effortless and helping to relieve moving stress in general, great team!!!!

Felicia R.
Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Move from San Francisco to Los Angeles

5 stars!!! These guys arrived on time, were courteous and super fast. All of my belongings were in perfect condition and I highly recommend. Will definitely use again. Thanks

K S.
Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Move from San Francisco to Miami

Miami is a hive of thriving businesses. You’ve worked really hard on your business and feel it’s finally time to relocate to a bigger and better premises

P S.

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