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Piano Moving Company in Miami

There is a great chance of damaging the piano and other valuables related to it if the transporting process isn’t done correctly and with enough hands on the ground. Recognize that moving pianos are fragile instruments. Keep an eye out for any potential dangers.

Obviously, you won’t be able to transfer your piano by yourself, especially if you’re moving across the state or inside Miami. To make your move as simple as possible, you will want the help of a professional piano moving company in Miami. The moving process will be cheap, stress-free, and safe if you are fortunate enough to find the best moving company.

Using Local N Long Distance movers has advantages. To begin, our professional movers handle your piano with extreme care. To make the piano safe, it is covered and then padded on the exposed sides. They provide support for the piano in the moving truck to prevent it from being damaged while it is being transported.

Our movers are dedicated to ensuring that your piano is not damaged during the move. They collaborate and work fast to complete your project at an affordable cost.

Lastly, our customer service is the best. When you place a call to us to make inquiries, we make sure all the details concerning your move are recorded. Our services are flexible to meet your needs. Also, you can easily assess us before and during the move.

I had a piano moved from N. Canton to Massilon. The 2 movers were so gentle moving this piece for us. The guys were clean, very polite, and couldn’t have been nicer. I will definitely use these men again.
Beverly, Canton, OH

Miami Piano Moving Services

Pianos come in a wide range of styles. This shows how fragile they are and how they should be handled with caution. Our piano movers in Miami have undergone comprehensive training to ensure that your piano is not harmed throughout the packing, loading, transportation, or unloading procedure.

We arrive at your home with hand trucks, blankets, and other protective wrapping materials to ensure that your piano is well protected for the voyage ahead. Our piano disassembly and reassembly services are of the highest quality. To avoid damage during the relocation, we carefully remove and safeguard each part of your piano. Our piano movers will unwrap the piano lid, lyre, music rack, legs, and other components and reassemble them in their new location after your piano has arrived safely.

The piano is transferred to a dolly or piano board for transportation to the moving van once it has been thoroughly prepared for the trip. A locking strap secures the instrument to the piano board or dolly, while a hump strap lifts, pulls, and steers it from the front. To keep the piano off the ground, you may need a rolling skid board.

Our expert piano movers know how to correctly lift and set down pianos so that they stay balanced. The piano will be taken from the dolly or piano board as the steps are negotiated if it is necessary to move it down a long flight of steps.

In Miami, we provide piano moving services for both residential and commercial clients. We can transport your organ or grand piano locally or over long-distances. There’s no need to be scared about the security of your piano. The best piano moving company in Miami, Florida is provided by Local N Long Distance Movers.

How Do We Move Pianos?

We make it our mission at Local N Long Distance Movers to render services that will relieve you of tension during your relocation. To do so, we’ve hired and trained movers that are capable, experienced, and eager to responsibly help you from the beginning to the completion of your piano relocation. We also promise that your piano will be kept in a storage facility if you want until you are ready to transport it.

How we move pianos is explained below;

  • Disassemble and package each piano component
  • Wrap, pad, and safeguard the instrument
  • Carefully carry the piano onto the hand cart
  • Make sure the piano is safe in the moving truck
  • Drive safely to the location
  • Carefully reassemble when we get to the location
  • Check everything and take a record
  • Our team carries your piano where you want it mounted in your apartment.


Your piano mover should provide you with a thorough cost breakdown, as well as an amount that you will pay after the relocation is completed. This extensive breakdown should include:

  • The piano’s size and type
  • The distance traveled during the move
  • Any additional piano transport fees that may be incurred during the move
  • Where should the piano be placed, on the first floor or upstairs?
  • The date and time of the move
Ensure that there is someone on each side of the piano. Depending on the size of the piano, use lifting straps to safely lift the piano and set it on the dolly or hand truck. Roll it onto the moving truck and secure it with straps to keep it safe.
If your piano has wheels, you may be able to move it across the room or into another room by simply rolling it. You can also gently roll the piano across the floor using furniture sliders.
This task can be difficult if not handled well. When you get close to the step, have about two people at the end of the piano that will be guided down the steps. Hold the other end of the piano and support it while it is being rolled down the steps.