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If you live in San Jose and will need the services of long-distance movers, Local N Long Distance Movers is the right choice for you!

Relocating to a new place with the entire family can be a nightmare for you. Whether you are in the Bay Area or live somewhere else in the city, you can ask people who have been through the process of selecting a moving company. They will recall the elaborate planning, enormous hassles, and unexpected complications involved in the entire process. From packing to transportation and unpacking your belongings, the whole process can get overwhelming.

If you are relocating to a distant place and have to undergo this unpleasant experience, you can opt for self-service moving or full-service moving, depending on various factors. So, before you rush out to seek quotes from long-distance property transportation companies in the Bay Area, it is better to make an informed choice by being aware of the basic differences between these two types of services.

Full-Service Moving

Local N Long Distance Movers knows that choosing for the correct moving service can make all the difference in your relocation plans and experience.

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Full-service moving is the most popular and convenient service for relocating, even though it is a tad more expensive than most long-distance moving quotes. This service is used by the majority of people who want the entire process of packing and unpacking done by professionals.

If you do a search for long-distance moving companies in San Jose, you will find companies with competent and experienced pick-up crews and foremen who will do all the packing for you and load everything onto the waiting truck. Crew members are trained in proper packing techniques, so that there is a minimum risk of damage to your possessions.

Get long-distance moving quotes from a reputable full-service moving company with the required infrastructure and specialized equipment to handle heavy packages containing fragile items, load and unload them from trucks with special care, and which have qualified drivers to transport them over long distances.

This is important, as the right kind of equipment, along with proper packing, can substantially reduce the risk of damage to your household items.

To get the best service, Local N Long Distance Movers advises that you contact movers in San Jose that are well-established, full-service moving companies for long-distance moving quotes. Then compare companies for the best rates.

The company representative will visit you for an in-house survey to calculate every aspect of the move, and discuss the best way to achieve the most satisfactory results for you.

Cheaper Long-Distance Moving Quotes

Self-service moving is like a huge family project, with everybody pitching with advice and ideas. While this may seem great for family bonding, in reality, it turns out to be quite a nightmare for amateurs who have no experience in packing on such a large scale.

It’s only when you begin the process that you realize that there is more to it than just buying some containers and stuffing your things into them. However, moving quotes from companies dealing with self-service moving are generally cheaper. Since you will be handling the bulk of the work buying containers, packing your belongings, and loading them onto the truck, then naturally this will reduce the cost.

Long-distance moving quotes from a reliable self-service moving company will include the rent of a mobile storage unit for several days, wherein you can put your packed items as you gradually wrap up your packing at home.

Apart from being kinder on your wallet, self-service moving lets you be in complete control of your packing, loading, and unloading. Companies providing long distance moving quotes for self-service moving will only transport your belongings to your destination of choice and leave the rest to you.

How to Compare Moving Quotes from Different Companies

Local N Long Distance Movers understands that moving property over a long distance to a new home or work environment is certainly not child’s play. It is something which requires elaborate planning, proper packing, collecting moving quotes from multiple companies, hiring a suitable one, and ultimately relocating with all your belongings to a new place.

The budget naturally plays a vital part in all this rigmarole, no matter where you reside in the Bay Area. When deciding which company to hire, some people opt for movers that offer self-service moving, in order to save costs, while others go for full-service moving to keep stress to a minimum.

You would obviously like to keep the costs at a minimum. For this, you will need to put in some legwork of comparing price quotes before settling on your moving company.

Hunt for the Right Moving Company

Finding the right moving company can be quite overwhelming for the uninitiated. You can visit your local Better Business Bureau to know more about long-distance moving companies in your vicinity.

Additionally, check with friends and acquaintances before collecting long-distance moving quotes
from different companies, just in case they have some ideas, or have heard of a good company in the area.

Surfing the internet can also one of your best ways to find an affordable and competent moving company. It is teeming with sites where you can compare reputable companies, all of which are eager to provide you with suitable moving quotes.

There are also online forums which provide lists and details of established moving companies. Just by entering your requirements and budget, you can get multiple quotes from established and reputed long-distance moving service providers to help you compare and choose.

Ask for Detailed Moving Quotes

Local N Long Distance Movers recommends that, when you are collecting moving quotes, you should make sure to ask for a detailed breakdown of the company’s base cost, so you get a fair idea of all the services and facilities that are and are not included.

The hassles of moving over a long distance can be overwhelming, so to keep them to a minimum, you need a detailed estimate to help you make an informed choice while keeping your budget in mind.

Sometimes, a moving company will charge for containers, for moving things up and down stairs, moving things to your door if parking is not available right in front, and other various sub charges.

Compare Quotes Before Deciding

After you have gathered moving quotes from several companies, it is best to compare them before coming to a decision. In many cases, hiring a rental truck may apparently seem to be the cheapest way to move. However, you need to add additional expenditures, like hotel costs, food, fuel, insurance, taxes, etc., since you will be doing all the driving yourself and not hiring a long-distance mover.

All of these small instances can make your costs higher than what a full-service moving company will charge. Before coming to a decision, calculate all the hidden costs, which might affect your budget.

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